Trip To Murphy, NC

The SAL is planning a trip to Murphy , NC to have an afternoon of fun, gambling, and fellowship.  It is open to all post members. The trip will be Monday Feb. 18th – we will leave the post promptly at 9AM and depart from Murphy at 4:30 pm.   This is not a legion sponsored event, but an event put together by Milton Dickson, Ray Jones, and Tom Bell.  We plan on having two vans that will hold 15 people each.   The cost of the trip will be $15 per person to cover gas, and insurance.  No smoking on the buses, but we will make stops on the road. Each participant will be given $20 in slot machine credits to play on the machines.  It will be based on first come, first served.

Contact Milton Dixon 678-429-9359 or Tom Bell for reservations.

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