SAL Elections

Notice for 2022 – 2023 SAL Elections

Nominations will open at the March 29th SAL monthly meeting, and be posted on the bulletin board in the Social Quarters.  Please add your name and the office you would like to be nominated for. 

Nominations will close at the April 26th SAL monthly meeting.

Elections will be held at the May 29th SAL monthly meeting. At the May 29th meeting, prior to the elections, any Squadron 29 member may present the name of any other Squadron 29 member for nomination to any office for which the Squadron 29 member was not previously nominated.  The person being nominated from the floor must be present or have a letter on file accepting the position for which he is being nominated, and upon said nomination being seconded, the name shall be considered as though contained in the report of the nominating committee after said report has been accepted and adopted by the Squadron.

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