POW MIA Update 12.6.2019

The Department of Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency announced today the return of three (3) U.S. servicemen to their families for burial with full military honors and to bring closure to the loved ones.


  1. Army, Master Sgt Harold F. Drews, 21 of Kave Country, Illinois, King Company, 1st Battalion, 31st Infantry  Regiment, 7th Infantry Division, Lost on 12/12/1950—Accounted for on 11/05/2019—Chosin Reservoir, North Korea.
  2. Navy, Seaman 1st Class Orval a. Tarnbarger, 20,of  Bowling Green, Missouri, USS Oklahoma, Lost on 12/07/1941–Accounted for on 09/18/2019—Pearl Harbor/WWII
  3. Navy, Firemen 1st Class Leo T. Keninger, 20, of Ackley, Iowa, USS Oklahoma, Lost on 12/07/1941—Accounted for on 09/30/2019—Pearl Harbor/ WWII





“You Are Not Forgotten”

Tommy Cannon
Georgia POW/MIA Honor Guard, Post 29

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