Post Update 5.19.2020

     Hope everyone is safe and sound! I just wanted to update you on a couple of items.

In regards to our annual visit on  Memorial Day weekend to the Mars Hill Cemetery to honor Horace Orr, the Cemetery has advised me that they have postponed all activities till further notice. Therefore, I am planning a very brief ceremony at the grave site on that Sunday. It will be just myself and the Chaplin along with our Historian. I am planning to present a Wreath if possible, waiting to hear back from them if that will be ok.

     As for reopening our Post, we are working out the details on how and when that may happen. The Board will meet at the end of this month and will make those decisions. Please be sure, our Members will be advised of our decisions once we have made them.

     Also, we are being told at this point the Marietta 4th of July Parade is still on. We have signed up and plan to patriciate if it happens. Will keep you posted.

     We will not have a June General Meeting, hoping to resume them starting July.

    In closing please take of yourself and your families during this critical time. The well being of our Members is what is most important.

Walt Cusick, Jr


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