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Membership keeps rolling along. We are continuing to work through the renewals mailed in, dropped off, and through the online options. We are approaching our October goal and are 13 days away from that date. National’s target date is October 14th and they are looking for 55% of our yearly goal by that date. Our Post goal is to maintain the number we achieved last year which was 1,041 members so 55% gives us a number of 573 members. We currently stand at 557 members. We would like to see sixteen members (or more) to go ahead and make the jump to renew.

We need your help to achieve these goals so please go ahead and get your membership turned in within the next 13 days to keep our Post running ahead of goals. For the last three years that I have helped I know we have been able to hit every benchmark date and percentage that Department and National has sent our way and there is no reason to stop now. Please help out the Post and send your renewal in today.

George Grindstaff & Ed Bruce

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