Lawn Equipment Needed – Graveyard Keepers.

Wow!  What a year it’s been, so far!!!  We’ve had such a great turnout this year that I don’t really recall many of us having to stick around beyond 0930 most Saturday mornings.  Not bad considering the ‘attention to detail’ it takes to mow, weed-eat, edge, and blow around all those tombstones and markers.  Thanks to our Commander and The Post, we were able to have our very own SAL Member, Ray Stickney raise a beautiful new flag post on the premises!  Thanks, Ray!  It’s really a site to see.  If you get the chance, stop by some evening when the lights are shining brightly on Old Glory!

Donation Request; as mentioned above, we’ve had a great turnout at Shiloh Cemetery every time we’ve met this year.  As a matter of fact, we’ve almost got more volunteers than we’ve got equipment to run!  What a great problem to have, right?  Therein lies the problem… LOL!  If anyone happens to know somebody that has decided not to mow their own yards anymore and have gas powered lawnmowers, weedwhackers, hedge trimmers, or anything that is just sitting around collecting dust in their garage, please ask them to reach out to anybody on The Graveyard Shift to see if we can make arrangements to receive the donation.

Bill Beaudin 678-485-0866

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