POW MIA Update 3.13.2020

The Department of Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency announced this week the return of four (4) U.S. servicemen to their families for burial with full military honors and to bring closure to their loved ones.

  1. Navy, Electrician’s Mate 3rd Class Alton W. Whitson, 22, of Seattle, Washington, USS Oklahoma. Lost on 12/07/1941–Accounted for on 01/23/2020—Pearl Harbor/WWII
  2. Navy, Seaman 1st Class Russell C. Roach, 22, of Muskingum County, Ohio, USS Oklahoma, Lost on 12/07/1941—Accounted for on 10/17/2019—Pearl Harbor/ WWII
  3. Navy, Fireman 3rd Class Clarence A. Blaylock, 20, of Bay City, TX,  USS Oklahoma, Lost on 12/07/1941—Accounted for on 07/29/2019—Pearl Harbor/WWII
  4. Navy, Shifitter 3rd Class Patrick L. Chess, 24, of Yakima, Washington, USS Oklahoma, Lost on 12/07/1941—Accounted for on 01/09/2020—Pearl Harbor/ WWII





“You Are Not Forgotten”

Tommy Cannon
Georgia POW/MIA Honor Guard, Post 29

Hallowed Ground


Why you don’t walk between the Colors

Between the flags that proudly fly

Let no one dare to stand

For here our Fallen comrades lie,

We call it , Hallowed Ground

A symbol yes, but  mark at will

Here let us ever humbly pause;

In memory of the ones who fell

In fighting for our sacred cause.

On sea or land these buddies died,

Some lie beneath a foreign soil,

In graves caressed by winds and tides,

In spots unknown to all but God

And so this place is Hallowed Groud.

And it shall be forever blessed,

As though it were a graves mound

Beneath which gallant heroes rest.

Be ever watchful, Legionnaire, 

of these two flags which signify,

That one should guard this spot with care.

Where our departed comrades lies,

And , if man should dare to tread,

This spot where lie our gallant brave,

He desecrates those noble dead,

As, tho he walked upon their grave

So, embrace your obligation, Legionnaires

And protect the Hallowed Ground,

To honor those who served and died and there never to have been found.

Take a Moment to Remember our POWs and MIAs

Today is POW MIA Remembrance Day. Always remember.


by Tim Murphy-1986

I’m just a nameless silhouette, Nobody knows my face,

Though many of you pray for me each day,

The man you said you won’t forget, in the dark and distant place,

I AM THE POW; I am a dead Marine;

I am the wounded grunt they couldn’t find,

BUT I’M LIVING STILL, and I am long dead and I am somewhere in between,

I can’t believe that I was left behind,

They killed me in an ambush, and they captured me alive,

and I died when my huey crashed and burned,

They over-ran my unit, but I managed to servive,

And they beat me and they whipped me, and they worked me till I dropped,

To break my will, they made their best to endeavor,

When great despair had gripped me, still the torture never stopped,

And they told me, We can keep you here forever,

They told me that my parents died, that my kids were grown and gone; and my

wife lost hope, and married my best friend, But there,


remembers, and will bring me home again,


Though many of you pray for me each day;

The man you said you won’t forget in a dark and distant place.


Video Proof

The website, Eblast, and Newsletter team does our best to share all of our events with you. But the addition of a professional photographer to our team has taken our game to a new level.

Check out this short video of some of our activities in 2019.

Independence Day

Independence Day is just around the corner. Here’s a snippet of our events.

The post will participate in the parade through Marietta Square. Our float needs to be in position by 0830 on the morning of July 4th. Members may ride in our float, on a first come, first aboard basis. Please note it will be a long hot day on the float.

We also serve a meal to all current members and their families. The post will provide hamburgers, hot dogs, toppings, and drinks. Members who attend should bring their current ID card, and some side dish to share. Food service will begin around 1PM on July 4th.

POW/MIA Honor Guard

POW/MIA Team will hold their regular monthly meeting Saturday June 15 at 12 Noon at Post 29.  
This is a very important  meeting and I request you to try to attend to get the latest and the greatest for the Team and check out the new equipment we have and the new dates of our upcoming events.
Also we have a flag retirement ceremony that afternoon at 5pm at the United Military Care site on Canton Road. The van will be leaving the post at 4 pm if you want to ride over.  Full uniforms required

Tommy Cannon


Georgia POW/MIA Honor Guard

American Legion, Post 29

Memorial Day Weekend Events

Welcome to one of our busiest weekends of the year, as we honor the fallen and remember their sacrifices.

Saturday, we hold our 5th Annual Veterans Memorial 5k Race on the Marietta Square. Various volunteers will gather between 0500 and 0700. The race starts at 0730, and will last until about 10AM. Then we set up for our Memorial Celebration at Glover Park on the Square. We’ll have distinguished speakers, a POW-MIA Honor Guard ceremony, and nearly two hours of patriotic music from the Georgia Symphony Orchestra.

Sunday we will honor our namesake, Sgt. William Horace Orr at his grave in Mars Hill cemetery. The short ceremony will begin at 2:45 PM.

Monday, the official Marietta Memorial Day event will take place at the National Cemetery. Then at 2PM, we’ll serve our annual Memorial Day lunch to all our members and their families. Grilled chicken and grilled sausage will be provided, along with sandwich buns and toppings. Members are asked to bring picnic-style sides and deserts.

POW MIA Ceremony 3.7.2019

USAF Captain John Jackie Smallwood of Marietta was declared missing on June 16, 1973 after his plane was hit with hostile fire over Cambodia.  The Georgia POW/MIA Honor Guard will be conducting the Dedication Ceremony during the Monthly Membership Meeting of the Legion on March 7, 2019 at 7:30 pm at Post 29.  Everyone is invited to pay tribute to this missing US serviceman and city son.