Be Aware of Scams

Friends, there are many scams out there on the internet, email, and over the phone.

We’ve become aware of a scammer using the name Billy Newman claiming to be from The American Legion, selling Lifetime Memberships. This person is not with The American Legion. Do not give anyone your bank information over the phone, especially this person claiming to be with The American Legion.

Stay safe. If you have any questions about membership, you may always contact George, Ed, or any board member.

Extended SQ Hours

Most are aware we have been working on a limited shortened operational schedule. Based on updated guidance, as we have abilities to bring back activities, we will adjust schedules accordingly. Effective April 1, the Social Quarters will be open as follows:

Sunday 12-7pm Wednesday 11am-10pm

Monday 11am-7pm Thursday 11am-10pm

Tuesday 11am-7pm Friday 11am-10pm

Saturday 11am-10pm

Additionally, we will have the ability to bring back some limited style events. Sarah has been busy planning the following for April:

Braves Baseball Opening Game Day watch party Thursday, April 1. Atlanta Braves plays the Phillies 3:05pm, party starts 2:30. BEST BRAVES FAN Prize, come enjoy the FUN!!

Please note, the SQ will be closed Easter Sunday, April 4th so staff may be with family.

The Masters Final Round Watch Party Sunday, April 11, 2pm. We’ll be broadcasting all live coverage April 7-11 of the Master’s Golf Tournament events beginning with the Par 3 Contest Wednesday, April 7.

Friday LIVE Music is BACK for May 7-11pm. Stay tuned for updates for your favorite bands’ return.

From the Commander

Welcome to March, Spring is just around the corner! Hope our Members are safe and sound and have been able to get their COVID Vaccine shots. Let’s hope things start looking up going forward.

 We continue to keep working on growing our Membership. We still have a large block of 2020 Members who have not renewed at this point. Please, if you know any of them ask them to come and renew their Membership. We don’t want to lose them, if they need help let us know. Dave, George and Ed have really been working hard to identify them, so we can reach out to them. We can use your help in this Mission.

The 5K Race has finally wrapped up! Tom Bell and I presented our final donation of $40,000 to the Shepherd Center last week. We were well received and they expressed their gratitude for our support over the last few years. Our donation covers their cost to treat one of their Veterans.  Again, please make the effort to thank Tom Bell and his committee for all their hard work, especially in this COVID year. 

I want to recognize our ALR Unit. They have been very active in supporting the Post and have been involved in various events in the 5th District. All of them have worked hard to grow the Unit with quality Members and represent Post 29 in a very professional manner. They are always looking for new Members. We have every reason to be proud of them and their work! 

Please, say thank you to all our Social Quarters staff. They work very hard so we can have a safe environment to enjoy and relax and have some fun. Also, thanks to our Members who support them.

We will be having a General Meeting on March 4th, it will start at 6pm. We will not be having a dinner but will be having coffee and tea available, thanks to our SAL Squadron. Also it looks like they will again be the largest Squadron in the Department again next year. Great job in Membership! It will be announced at this Meeting that there will be an Election held for next year’s Officers. We will publish more details in the very near future.

  In closing let me say, things are starting to look a little brighter as we go forward. Hope everyone who wants the COVID Vaccine shots are able to get them. We will continue to follow the State Guidelines and will adjust as they are updated. I wish all our Members and their Families the best. I ask God to Bless all of our Families, Post29 and our Great County. Let’s treat each other with respect and support. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or comments. Please have a safe and happy March, 2021!

Walt Cusick, Jr.


Tis The Season

              I would like to take this opportunity to wish our Post Family a Happy, Safe and Blessed Holiday Season! All of us on the Board thank you for all your support in helping us through these tough and unique times.  

               As  always, if there is anything we can do for you or your Family, please let us know. Lets make sure we take care of each other and get ready for the New Year 2021!  It is an Honor to be your Commander!

Walt Cusick, Jr


Happy Trails Ol’ Roy

Our esteemed Chaplain, Roy Lantz, has packed his saddle bags and is riding off into the sunset. We appreciate his many years of service to the Legion, including two stints as our Chaplain.

Please join me in wishing Roy “Happy Trails” in his new life in Florida. Thanks for all you have done for veterans Roy! We won’t miss your corny jokes, but we will miss you.

We welcome Jim Wood, a young whipper-snapper with a wry grin and an awesome surname, as our new Chaplain. Please support Jim as he carries out his valuable duties.

Post Update 10.14.2020

Hello everyone. We are pleased to provide important updates about our Post. Please read carefully. We remain open, and vigilant, and in full compliance with all COVID regulations.

Last week, the Governor extended his various COVID19 restrictions via Executive Order until October 15th. I’d like to reiterate our current policy for anyone exposed to COVID19. If you have been exposed to COVID19, we ask that you act responsibly. The CDC recommends that if have been in close contact with someone who has COVID 19 (within 6 feet for at least 15 minutes) you should self-isolate for 14 days and monitor your temperature twice per day. Seek medical care if symptoms develop. The state of Georgia requires that you self-isolate. If you do not develop symptoms, you may end the self-isolation after 10 days. The Post does not track those who have the virus. IT IS UP TO EACH OF US TO ACT RESPONSIBLY. We can and will ask you to leave if you appear to have symptoms of COVID19. 

The Social Quarters will expand our hours of operation on Thursdays beginning in October. Saturday through Wednesday, the SQ is open for one shift, from 11AM-7PM. Thursdays we will be open 11AM-10PM. Fridays we are open 11AM-11PM. Sundays we are open for one shift, from 12pm-7pm.

Any unit or committee that wishes to hold meetings later in the evening should consider moving their meeting to Thursday. Of course, there are many units trying to hold meetings, so please coordinate with the Jr. Vice of Facilities, or the SQ manager before moving your meeting dates.

As you know, our Post is subject to certain rules and regulations, from the city, county, and the state of Georgia, regarding operations during this COVID pandemic. We will abide by all of these rules, and we will require all members and guests to do the same while on the premises. The rules are too significant to list here, but they are posted in the Social Quarters. We do want to highlight a few significant items:

  • Many of our usual activities will be prohibited. We hope to restore these activities soon, and we will update you as applicable. We will have live music every Friday from 7-10PM. However, there will no dancing until and unless the Governor relaxes the social distancing requirements.
  • No outside food or drinks will be allowed. The SQ will have most of our usual offerings, but we will modify how food and drinks are served to ensure we meet all cleanliness guidelines. In addition, the various Post meals (SAL breakfasts, monthly dinners) will not yet return. 
  • SQ staff will wear masks, and we encourage all members and guests to wear masks when near others. You may bring your own, and we will have some to distribute as well.
  • Bar service will take place in designated areas at the bar. The staff will not provide table service. If you need assistance, let us know. There are restrictions on how many people may sit together (6 max, 6 feet between tables), and there are restrictions related to the bar. Do not move the tables. All patrons must have a seat. There is no loitering around the bar.
  • The post will be open to our members, members of other posts, and guests of our members. Also, our maximum capacity is significantly reduced by state regulations. The Junior Vice Commander for the SQ will be responsible for limiting access, should that become necessary to remain within the regulations.
  • Whenever possible, we ask that members enter the SQ via the main (key card) entrance and leave via the deck. 
  • If you have been exposed to COVID19, we ask that you act responsibly. The CDC recommends that if have been in close contact with someone who has COVID 19 (within 6 feet for at least 15 minutes) you should self-isolate for 14 days and monitor your temperature twice per day. Seek medical care if symptoms develop. The state of Georgia requires that you self-isolate. If you do not develop symptoms, you may end the self-isolation after 10 days. The Post does not track those who have the virus. IT IS UP TO EACH OF US TO ACT RESPONSIBLY. We can and will ask you to leave if you appear to have symptoms of COVID19.

Members and guests have been very good about following these guidelines. We appreciate you very much. We are excited to welcome you back to Post 29!


Post 29 Executive Committee