Membership Updates


We are into our fifth month for the 2022 membership drive. While we are all aware memberships run January to December, there are other factors to how the membership is handled within the Legion. Our Post holds elections and installations in June/July while Department has their convention after that to set their officers prior to National holding their events in August.  The numbers of members for representation is dependent upon the members listed prior to those events. Thus there is a slight reason to the madness…getting membership numbers in and in place for delegation. While that reason does not change when your membership is set to expire it does explain a little bit as to why you hear from everyone so early in your membership year. 

To try to help make membership a little easier to manage and provide some direction for our organization as a whole, National provides target dates and percentages for Departments/Districts/Posts to shoot for and space out your work. That is why you hear us looking for small groups of members every month. We worked through the challenges last year and maintained a pace to stay ahead of those goals last year and attained our membership goals. This year we started off with a great July but have fallen off dramatically since then. In August and September of this year, we have been trending down from previous years by roughly thirty members in each month. This trend is across the board in all facets of membership. Online renewals through the National website are down by sixty (60) members at this time (192 in 2021 to 132 in 2021). Transfers into the Post are up (9 in 2021 and 21 in 2022) however some of those are 2021 members that still need to renew to be counted. New members are almost the same (40 to 41). Renewals through mail/our Post website/Social Quarters are showing a significant drop from 573 renewals last year at this time to 485 this year. Over all we are looking at being down about ninety (90) members from this time last year. We need your help! WE HAVE OVER 400 MEMBERS FOR 2021 WHO HAVE NOT YET RENEWED FOR THE 2022 LEGION YEAR.

We have been stepping up our communication with members trying to encourage more members to renew early with minimal results. We have utilized the e-blast more as well as sending out direct communication with members through email, letters, and phone calls mostly with responses of their membership does not expire until the end of the year and they will take care of it at that time. We have made pleas at meetings as well as during Social Quarters Events and even utilizing the district revitalization but the numbers have not made any significant jumps. Ed and I are looking for assistance in reaching out to more members to make this happen. Please help the Post by making your renewal early. 

There are many options to renew your membership and get that stylish new card. You can use our Post website or the national website to process your renewal electronically. You can send in a check with the national renewal reminder that was sent out or you can print off one from the Post website under renewal forms and send it through the mail service. You can come into the post and fill out a form in the Social Quarters and pay by cash, check, or card. If you are having any trouble renewing please contact Ed or I directly at the Post.

Thank you for being a part of our Post.

George Grindstaff & Ed Bruce

Be Aware of Scams

Friends, there are many scams out there on the internet, email, and over the phone.

We’ve become aware of a scammer using the name Billy Newman claiming to be from The American Legion, selling Lifetime Memberships. This person is not with The American Legion. Do not give anyone your bank information over the phone, especially this person claiming to be with The American Legion.

Stay safe. If you have any questions about membership, you may always contact George, Ed, or any board member.

ID Cards Required to Enter the Post

Hope everyone is doing well and staying safe. Thank you to all who have renewed your 2020 membership which expired December 31. We are a closed Post and you are required to have your current 2021 Membership Card on your person.  As of Monday February 1, we will request all persons present your 2021 Membership Card prior to use of the Social Quarters, Game Room, and Card Room.  The Social Quarters Staff will not allow you to enter, or be served without a current, valid ID, or approval from a post officer. Unit officers will be on site most of this week to clear up any issues.

Thanks in advance for your support in this matter, your cooperation will be greatly appreciated !

Walt Cusick, Jr.


Membership Drive 11.17.2020

I am sending out this invitation to our members who have not yet renewed.

Representatives from the Legion, SAL, and Auxiliary will be on hand in the Social Quarters to help you renew your membership in person. Visit us on Tuesday November 17th from 4-6:30PM.

You can also renew online through, through our website, from forms available in the Social Quarters that can be processed by the bartenders, or through mailing your renewal in to the Post.

The Social Quarters will still be available to process renewals as before. There will be some forms available in the social quarters to fill out to accompany your dues. The bartenders have been asked to not process renewals if the form is not filled out in its entirety. For any questions or concerns in filling this form out, please contact George Grindstaff and do not take the bartenders time with these matters. With the new guidelines the bartenders have to follow we do not want to add to their growing list of duties.

We look forward to getting your renewals processed just as easily and quickly as before…and hopefully even better. Contact us with any membership questions you may have.

New Member Form

Renewal Form

Post 29 Membership Website (renew online)

Thank you for your time and support,

George Grindstaff

Jr. Vice Commander

Horace Orr Post 29

American Legion

Marietta, GA

Lifetime Membership

Legion members have likely received an email from The American Legion national office stating that you have been nominated for Lifetime Membership. Please note, this is a legitimate email, but it is also marketing. To become a lifetime member, you will be asked to pay a price based on your age.

If you have any questions, you may contact our Membership Committee.

membership @