American Legion Riders


About the Riders

American Legion Riders (ALR) are a family comprised of Legionnaires, Auxiliary and Sons of The American Legion who share a passion for riding motorcycles.  American Legion Riders Post 29 is one of over 2,000 chapters serving throughout the United States and in three foreign countries.  We support the values of The American Legion by riding in patriotic parades, funeral escorts, and participating in programs, events, and other ceremonies in the communities in which we live, work, and play. ALR have an unwavering respect for our country, our flag, and for those who risk their very lives for America’s freedom and security.

ALR Post 29 is supported by Horace Orr Post 29 and upholds the declared principles of The American Legion as well as conform to and abide by the regulations and decisions of Horace Orr Post 29, the Department of Georgia American Legion Riders, or other duly constituted Department governing body.  All ALR members strive to maintain the image of The American Legion, at all times upholding The American Legion name and emblem, which symbolizes the integrity and principles of this great organization.

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