Volunteers for Soldier Funeral

On July 11, 2021, local historians are having the funeral for a Fallen U.S. soldier. The remains of a Union Soldier KIA, have been found and Marietta will have a weekend celebration of his life from July 9-10 and then funeral at the Zion Baptist Church in Marietta Ga. On July 11.                                               

The funeral will begin at 3 P.M. Between 4:15 and 4:30 we will proceed to the Marietta National Cemetery down Lemon Street to Cole Street to the gate of the Marietta National Cemetery. It is the hope that we can line both sides of the streets with veterans.                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Contact Brad Quinlin 21stohio@charter.net                                                        

for more information    

Independence Day

The Independence Day festivities are back! Come join Post 29 as we celebrate our Independence.

We will participate in the Marietta parade on Saturday July 3rd. To ride on our float, please coordinate with Commander Cusick, or Adjutant Al Rosenfield.

We will provide lunch for all Post 29 Legion members on Saturday July 3rd, from approximately 1-2PM, depending on when the parade ends. Current post 29 members are invited. Lunch will be served upstairs. This is not a pot luck, no outside food please.

Legion Election Update

POST 29 Election Notice

The election for 2021-2022 was conducted last night. Your incoming Legion officers are as follows:

Commander—————- Walt Cusick, Jr.

Senior Vice Commander——    Russ Wood

1st Jr. Vice Commander ——–  George Grindstaff

2nd Jr. Vice Commander ——-  Ed Bruce

Finance Officer ————– Guy Cook

Service Officer ————– Michael McAdams

Judge Advocate ————– Darlene Allmaras

Historian ——————- Gail Evilsizor

Chaplain ——————– Jim Wood

Sgt At Arms —————– Jim Devoto

Bill Beaudin

Election Committee Chairman