Cobb Veterans Memorial Foundation

A message from the Cobb Veterans Memorial Foundation:



The Cobb Veterans Memorial Foundation (CVMF) in seeking volunteers in helping to bring a memorial to Cobb County for all veterans, and their families, to fruition – in essence it is “A Towering Tribute To Those Who Serve”. 

The CVMF’s mission, as chartered, is to design, build and maintain a memorial to honor our United States Armed Forces and their families. The design is mature, and the site has been chosen – the future site of the memorial will be on Fairground Street in Marietta, adjacent to the Cobb Civic Center. Now we need to build this fantastic memorial, so, we need volunteers to serve in many skill areas, a fundraising coordinator, those with a fundraising background, or policy/procedure development, as well as these areas – teleconferencing and telemarketing, all facets of social media, marketing, sales, project management, public relations, radio/TV, and public speakers, as well as those with networking experience. Or, just volunteer and you will be used.

You can be part of this iconic (the Extruded Star will stand 122’ tall which is about as tall as two of the “Big  Chickens plus 10’  which is an iconic landmark in Cobb County, so it certainly will be iconic), and it will be historic (the intent is for the memorial to be perpetual, so it will be around for your grandchildren and their children’s enjoyment and education of veterans).

Please see the attached “A Towering Tribute to Those Who Serve” flyer which will provide you with Our Vision, Our Mission, Where We Stand, Who We Serve and the fact that it is a Living Memorial and How You can help.

I feel certain that you want to be part of making this memorial part of your history and legacy to Cobb County, to your family/friends/neighbors/colleagues/associates, to its’ veterans and their families and to its’ citizens.

Please Email the Cobb Veterans Memorial Foundation’s Executive Director Dan Valentine at or call him at 770-951-7058 to discuss our needs and your availability, and visit our site at      


Legion Membership Update

Hope everyone is well! Please read this letter concerning  Membership closely. We are making some changes in our process and we need your help to make it happen. Thanks in advance for your support, Dave and George are working very hard on this project, lets support them.

Walt Cusick, Jr.


Good Day Legionnaires,

Our membership drive for the 2021 Legion year has begun! We are processing renewals, new memberships, and transfers this month. With the push from National to move into a more digital record, we are going to change our membership process slightly. We will be working to validate and update information currently on file for each and every member while at the same time processing your renewals. With these changes there is a new, updated form to be filled out for renewals that is larger and easier to fill in. Please fill this form out completely. If there a piece of information you do not want to share, just note it on the form.

The Social Quarters will still be available to process renewals as before. There will be some forms available in the social quarters to fill out to accompany your dues. The bartenders have been asked to not process renewals if the form is not filled out in its entirety. For any questions or concerns in filling this form out, please contact George Grindstaff and do not take the bartenders time with these matters. With the new guidelines the bartenders have to follow we do not want to add to their growing list of duties.

To also help in the processing of these renewals we will be announcing some dates where someone will be available in the social quarters to accept your renewals personally. During these times cards will be handed out on the spot. If you renew online, through the mail, or at the social quarters we will get your cards to you as quickly as possible after processing the renewal through our system.

We will be processing early bird renewals until September 30, 2020. With the current situations we are dealing with in our community, we are unsure when the early bird breakfast will take place. Rest assured that we will fulfill this promise when the Post has the ability.

We look forward to getting your renewals processed just as easily and quickly as before…and hopefully even better. Contact us with any membership questions you may have.

New Member Form

Renewal Form

Post 29 Membership Website (renew online)

Dave Gardner

George Grindstaff

Post Update 7.15.2020

Hello everyone. We are pleased to provide important updates about our Post. Please read carefully.

Beginning Thursday, July 16th, the Social Quarters will reduce our hours of operation. Saturday through Thursday, the SQ will be open for one shift, from 11AM-7PM. Fridays we will be open 11AM-10PM.

As you know, our Post is subject to certain rules and regulations, from the city, county, and the state of Georgia, regarding operations during this COVID pandemic. We will abide by all of these rules, and we will require all members and guests to do the same while on the premises. The rules are too significant to list here, but we do want to highlight a few significant changes you will notice once we reopen:

  • Many of our usual activities will be prohibited. No Queen of Hearts, poker, card games, bands, or bar bingo will take place initially. We hope to restore these activities soon, and we will update you when they are allowed.
  • No outside food or drinks will be allowed. The SQ will have most of our usual offerings, but we will modify how food and drinks are served to ensure we meet all cleanliness guidelines. In addition, the various Post meals (SAL breakfasts, monthly dinners) will not yet return. 
  • SQ staff will wear masks when near customers, and we encourage all members and guests to wear masks when near others. You may bring your own, and we will have some to distribute as well.
  • Bar service will take place in designated areas at the bar. The staff will not provide table service. If you need assistance, let us know. There are no restrictions on how many people may sit together, but there are restrictions related to the bar. All patrons must have a seat. There is no loitering around the bar.
  • The post will be open to our members, members of other posts, and guests of our members. However, we are going to ask everyone to sign the ledger, not just guests. This will help us with tracking and notification if anyone becomes sick. Also, our maximum capacity is significantly reduced by state regulations. The Junior Vice Commander for the SQ will be responsible for limiting access, should that become necessary to remain within the regulations.
  • Whenever possible, we ask that members enter the SQ via the main (key card) entrance and leave via the deck. 

Our efforts are focused on opening the SQ on July 1st. Once the SQ is open and operating fully, we’ll turn toward cleaning and opening the main hall upstairs. Thus, there will not be an in-person monthly meeting for July. We are hoping to resume monthly meetings in August.

We appreciate your patience, and we are excited to welcome you back to Post 29!


Post 29 Executive Committee